EAS D.O.T & Auto Repair

EAS DOT is a certified Department of Transportation Inspection Center Servicing the Ambulette, Bus, Limousine and Commercial Transportation Industry

Our Services

DOT + PreDOT Inspections

Have your bi-annual DOT inspection and repairs completed here at our New York State Certified Facility.

Truck and Bus Repair and Maintenance Services

The key to maintaining longevity for your vehicle is proper preventive care. Our techs will conduct a full vehicle inspection, identifying possible costly breakdowns.


Our team is knowledgeable in the proper maintenance on Bruan and Ricon lift systems.


Cars, Buses, Trucks, Ambulances, Ambulettes, Limousines. We can supply all aspects of vehicle maintenance to keep your vehicle on the road safe and sound.


Our team will pressure test the cooling system and A/C performance for proper temperature and function.

Full Electrical

Electrical malfunctions are a significate cause of vehicle down time and repair expenses. Our techs are experts at isolating the problems and correcting them in a timely manner.

ABS, Air + Hydraulic Drum

Our techs are diligent in their inspection and repair of the most important system on your vehicle (BRAKES).

Air Suspension

Any deterioration of this system will result in poor handling and uneven tire wear.

Engine/Transmission Diagnostics + Repair

With the use of our Computerized Diagnostic Equipment, we are able to diagnose the most problematic issues and resolve them.

EAS DOT is an
Associated Member of:

Long Island Limousine Association


Downstate Ambulance Association

UNYAN NY Association