Inspection Procedures and Criteria

Vehicles are inspected at an operator provided facility every six months. NYSDOT Motor Vehicle Inspectors (MVIs) contact the vehicle operator in advance of the inspection certificate expiration, to arrange for a date for the next inspection of the vehicle.

Usually, the MVI will go to the operator’s facility and conduct the inspection of the vehicles that were previously scheduled for inspection with the operator. Normally an inspection will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete, depending on the size/type of vehicle. Initial inspections of new vehicles take somewhat longer. In addition to the actual vehicle inspection, required maintenance records, preventive maintenance program and driver inspection reports are also checked. Inspections are conducted based on the requirements contained in Sections 720 and 721 of the NYS Transportation Regulations. Contained in these regulations are the passenger vehicle Out of Service (OOS) Criteria.

Discovered defects that meet the OOS criteria, will result in the following actions depending on the class of defect discovered

  • “A” rated defect – vehicle is placed Out of Service, no inspection certificate is issued until the defect(s) is repaired and a re inspection is conducted;
  • “B” rated defect – vehicle is issued an inspection certificate but defect must be corrected prior to carrying passengers;
  • “C” rated defect – vehicle is issued an inspection certificate but defect must be corrected within 15 days from the date of the original inspection.

Copies of the regulations and OOS criteria may be obtained by contacting the Motor Carrier Safety Bureau at (518) and ask for.

  • Passenger Vehicle Out of Service (OOS) Criteria  .
  • Bus & Passenger Carrier Safety Rules & Regulations 
  • Bus & Passenger Carrier Safety Regulation Interpretations 

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